Did you just purchase a pre-owned MINI or are you thinking about buying one? Once you’re the proud owner of a pre-owned MINI vehicle, it’s important to know what you have to do to make it last as long as possible, given that it has already racked up a few thousand miles.

Today, we’re breaking down all the essential service tasks you need to schedule for your pre-owned MINI to preserve its lifespan. 

Change the Oil

Regular oil changes are straightforward enough, but you’ll be surprised how many car owners neglect to do this. When it comes to your pre-owned MINI, forget about the 3,000-mile rule; instead, go by the intervals outlined in your MINI vehicle’s handbook.

Your car may require more frequent changes if you consistently commute under severe driving conditions or if you often drive on city streets or in stop-and-go traffic. 

Check the Tires 

Constantly driving with underinflated tires does more damage than you think. It also impairs the ball bearings, shocks, and various undercarriage parts. Keep your tires properly inflated and always within five psi of your model’s recommended pressure levels. 

Drive Appropriately 

When we say drive appropriately, we mean don’t do anything that will tax the components in your pre-owned MINI. Always accelerate gradually, never slam on the brakes except in emergencies, and never swerve quickly when making sharp turns. 

Commit to Regular Checkups 

Bring your vehicle to our dealership for general maintenance at least once per year. A certified mechanic can pinpoint and diagnose issues that are still in their early stages. By catching these problems early on, you can prevent future damage and avoid expensive repair bills.  

Visit Orlando MINI to browse our pre-owned inventory. Models like the MINI Countryman are capable of lasting for years even when purchased as a pre-owned model. We look forward to seeing you soon!