MINI Cooper vehicles are fun and nimble cars that are great for long commutes and off-road adventures alike. As with any vehicle, MINI cars require routine attention from owners and professional mechanics. Find out why MINI Cooper service in Orlando, FL is an absolute must. 

Follow Your MINI Maintenance System 

All MINI cars are equipped with the MINI Maintenance System. This is an integrated software that alerts you when your vehicle is due for a specific type of service. The system also displays pertinent car stats, such as the date and number of miles since the previous oil change. 

What’s great about the MINI Maintenance System is that it utilizes Conditions Based Service (CBS), which is made up of sensors and algorithms that factor in driving conditions. Based on information from the CBS, you’ll be given maintenance suggestions based on your driving habits and environment. 

Service Tasks at Our Dealership 

Due to the unique engine and transmission architecture of MINI automobiles, service should be done at a dealership rather than an independent repair shop. Here at Orlando MINI, one of our MINI-certified technicians will inspect the following in a routine check-up: 

  • Engine oil and brake fluids 
  • Front and rear brake pads 
  • Spark plugs 
  • Engine air filter and cabin microfilter 

For additional maintenance, you can also perform certain inspections on your own, like examining your tire pressure, condition, and wear once per month. You can also check your engine oil quality and coolant levels. 

Whether you own a MINI Cooper S or a MINI Cooper Countryman, you’re more than welcome to bring your vehicle to Orlando MINI for servicing. This will ensure hidden problems are detected before they evolve into major issues that require expensive repairs.