When iPhone users open their phones, they’re going to see a notification for a new update to the MINI Connected app from the App Store. It’s version 2.3, and MINI has some great updates to the app which make it even more essential to the MINI driver on the go.

In Winter Park, used MINI owners are already using and loving the MINI Connected app. With this 2.3 update, here are a couple features they’ll soon be enjoying. MINI has improved the Foursquare functionality on the app, which means it’s easier than ever to keep your friends updated where you are driving in your MINI.

Also, the app now is fully integrated with the iPhone calendar. You’ll have full access to all your entries and will even be able to call a number listed in your appointment. You’ll never miss a lunch date again.

Lastly, at Fields Orlando MINI, we’ve been most interested in the MINIMALISM Analyzer feature, which is a system that rates your driving. If you efficiently accelerate, slow down and change gears, you’ll get more MINIMALISM points. With the 2.3 update, MINI added an All Star Timer feature for those drivers who’ve achieved five stars in a MINIMALISM categories.

As more and more drivers are finding their smartphones to be an essential part of their commute, MINI is making it easier than ever for drivers to harness the power of their phones while being safe behind the wheel. And the 2.3 version of the MINI Connected app is another step in that direction.