At Orlando MINI, we’re passionate about keeping our customers safe while they’re on the road. One way we do that is by offering car maintenance services in our MINI service center. If you’ve been slacking on taking your vehicle in for a tune-up, here’s what you need to know.


One of the top reasons why routine car care is so critical is safety. In many cases, secure driving is directly related to your car’s condition. If your MINI vehicle’s ability to operate properly is impaired, it puts you, your passengers, and other people on the road at risk. For instance, if your tires aren’t properly inflated, you’ll drastically increase the chances of suffering from a flat or a blowout.


Maintaining your ride will save you money in a variety of ways. Firstly, a well-maintained car runs better and results in better fuel economy. For example, if your engine isn’t functioning, it can cause your vehicle to use up to 50 percent more fuel. Proper care also helps keep heftier and costlier repairs at bay.


One of the most important things about regular vehicle maintenance is that it contributes to a longer life. You should regularly check the fluid levels, tire pressure, brakes, engine components, and battery. In doing so, you’re doing your part to ensuring every piece is functioning correctly and safely.

April is National Car Care Month and the ideal time to bring your MINI car in for a tune-up, repair, or routine maintenance. Contact our Florida MINI dealers today, and our expert technicians will get your car serviced and back on the road in no time!