MINI models are tougher than they look. Don’t let their compact, classy appearance make you think MINI cars can’t get a little dirty every now and then.

Camping, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities are well within the realm of possibility in your new MINI car. We invite you to brainstorm some ways you can enjoy social distancing and warm weather by visiting Orlando MINI and exploring our MINI vehicles. 

Consider Life on the Go

In light of current circumstances, people are beginning to think more creatively about how to plan their vacations.

If you work remotely, the great outdoors could become your office! You can social distance in style at any beach, national park, or other beautiful locale, and your MINI car can get you and all of your essential equipment there. 

What You Can Tow

MINI vehicles like the MINI Clubman often have engines that can generate up to 301 horsepower depending on the model and variation you choose. In other words, you’ll have tons of towing potential to haul your most essential items.

In some cases, MINI cars can tow items like small campers, motorcycles, and jet skis. There are even MINI Cooper camper trailers created by MINI car fanatics for this exact purpose. If towing is one of your must-have features for your next new car, we have several options for you.

We’d be happy to chat specifics with you in person at our MINI dealership regarding the towing ratings of specific models you may be interested in. Come see us in Orlando to test drive a MINI Cooper Clubman or any of our other new models. We hope to see you soon!