Is the end of your MINI lease approaching? There are a few steps you need to prepare for, as well as a few decisions coming your way. We’re outlining the process at Orlando MINI to give you a closer look. 

Vehicle Inspection

One of the first things we’ll do when you bring your vehicle to the dealership is inspect it. If it has excessive wear and tear, which is anything outside the expected normal wear and tear, you’ll owe fees. We encourage you to consider repairs before you visit us, and carefully clean your vehicle, to help avoid any additional costs.

Estimation of Value

During the inspection, we’re also carefully looking over the vehicle to help determine its estimated value. We need to determine if your vehicle is more or less than its predetermined residual value. This could also play a big factor in deciding whether you want to keep the vehicle or return it.

Mileage Check

We’ll also check your mileage when you return your lease. Every lease comes with an allotted mileage allowance when you first sign your original contract. If you’ve exceeded your mileage, expect to pay additional fees.

Decide How to Proceed

Finally, you’ll need to decide how to proceed. There are several options to move forward:

  • Purchase your leased vehicle
  • Extend the lease with a month-to-month option
  • Return your lease to the dealership
  • Transfer the lease to another person

Visit Our Orlando, FL Dealership to Discuss Your MINI Lease Options

Whether you can’t imagine parting with your MINI lease or are ready to make a switch, we can help. If the end of your lease is approaching, we encourage you to come see us at Orlando MINI. We’d be happy to help you take your next steps today!