Is your current MINI lease ending soon? If so, it might be time to think about next steps.

When you lease with Orlando MINI, you have a few end-of-lease options to choose from. Today, we’re breaking down three routes you can take after your current MINI lease ends. 

1. Start a New MINI Lease

When your lease ends, you have the option of returning your MINI to our dealership and signing up for a new lease. By opting for a new lease, you can start driving a newer, nicer MINI vehicle in no time at all.

Not sure which vehicle to lease next? Our MINI auto team can walk you through our different models to help you find the right one.  

2. Purchase Your Leased MINI Vehicle

Many drivers don’t want to return their vehicles because they’ve fallen in love with them. If that’s the case with you, then you don’t need to let go of your MINI lease.

At our dealership, we let drivers buy out their MINI leases all the time. Essentially, we’ll apply what you’ve paid so far to your purchase so you can save. Have questions about buying out your lease? Talk to our MINI finance team to learn more.  

3. Walk Away from Your MINI Lease

Sometimes, buying out your lease or signing a new one isn’t the right choice. If you want, you can simply return your MINI vehicle to our dealers and walk away. There are no commitments or obligations beyond the terms of your lease, so you’re free to purchase an entirely new MINI vehicle or just head home.  

Learn More About MINI Lease Options  

Want to learn more about our MINI lease options? Contact our Florida MINI dealers to set up an appointment. Visit today to get started!