MINI fans are a special bunch. They’re very loyal and traveling is only one way they show their spirit. Each year, those two qualities help to bring together MINI fans from all across the world at the International MINI Meeting.

This year, the International MINI Meeting happened in the northern Italian province of Mugello. There, like all International MINI Meeting events, fans gathered together to celebrate the history of their favorite automaker. And like always, plenty of traditional MINI vehicles were on display.

For example, at Mugello, there were MINI models produced in 2013 driving alongside the Morris MINI Minor and the Austin Seven. Even the MINI Clubman met its predecessor, the Morris MINI Traveller. There were even lesser known MINI models at the event like the Wolseley Hornet and the Riley Elf.

Although you might not see many of these models at a MINI Cooper dealer, Orlando MINI fans know that every MINI model carries generations of history with it. MINI is an automaker that never forgets its past. The International MINI Meeting event certainty represents the automaker’s love of its history.

When you look at early MINI models compared to a current model like the MINI Paceman, it’s easy to see how MINI has evolved over the years, but did not forsake its cars’ iconic style.

At Orlando MINI, we welcome you to come check out all MINI has to offer. This generation’s MINI models are truly fantastic, and we know in a few years, they too will be looked at as classic MINI vehicles.