Would you call yourself an organized or messy person? Either way, it can be tough to maintain order in a compact vehicle like a MINI car. Nobody wants the unnecessary clutter that can pile up in a small space, yet many folks frequently have items within arm’s reach. We’ve shared a few of our favorite cost-effective ways to keep you MINI Clubman or MINI Convertible organized.

Make a List of Essential Items

Firstly, ask yourself what things you really need to keep in your car. Your vehicle registration and insurance cards are a given for your glove compartment. But what about the other open areas of your MINI? Make a list of just the essentials and work to remove everything else.

Shower Caddy

Purchase a plastic shower caddy with handles and open compartments inside. These are super cheap and come in an array of fun colors. Store it in your trunk to hold roadside assistance and maintenance items such as brake fluid, motor oil, glass cleaner, and a bottle of water.


These handy, D-shaped hooks are perfect for freeing up a lot of space in your car. Clip one onto the back of your headrest to hang your purse, umbrella, or mini plastic trash bag from.


School bags are great for organizing because they have lots of pockets and compartments inside. You can also easily strap it over your headrest and fill it to the brim. If you have kids, fill the backpack up with necessities for them including snacks, hand sanitizer, activity books, and more.

However tidy your MINI is, it’s also important to keep it healthy. Give our MINI service center in Orlando, FL a call today at 888-721-2099 to schedule an appointment.