No one likes it when their vehicle needs work done or parts replaced. That’s especially true if you face a major repair bill. Keeping your car safe and sound on the road for as long as possible, however, doesn’t have to be painful. Here are some tips for extending the life of your used MINI Cooper car.

Fluids and Filters

This seems like a minor issue, but at some point, it can build up to a major one if you don’t keep your fluids full and your filters clean. Take oil and oil filters, for instance. If you miss your regular oil change schedule, contaminants can build up in your engine. As the oil gets dirtier, your oil filter becomes congested, and contaminants can spread through the engine and cause serious damage.

Tire and Brake Care

The longer you drive your used MINI, the more wear and tear you put on your tires and brakes. Balding tires or worn-down brake pads greatly increase your risk of an accident. Along with these, you should also regularly rotate your tires to prevent wearing other parts on your suspension and steering.

Routine Maintenance

The best advice anyone can give you about extending the life of your vehicle is to just get in the habit of taking it in for regular maintenance at our MINI service center. That includes everything from oil changes to flushing your transmission. This is the best way to head off more serious issues that would put it out of commission.

Time for Your Used MINI Checkup at Orlando MINI

Our technicians at Orlando MINI can help with all of these services. If you hope to get the longest life out of your pre-owned vehicle possible, it’s probably time for a checkup. We look forward to helping you extend the life of your MINI!