High gas prices and scarcity are nothing new. Even back in the late 1950s, during the Suez Crisis, this was one of the top concerns for many families. That’s why Sir Leonard Lord of the Morris Company and his chief engineer, Alec Issigonis, got to work on the first MINI Cooper. From then until now, this has been one of the most popular and efficient cars on the road.

Distinctive Size

It’s right in the name. The MINI Cooper was the solution to rising gas prices. Just make everything smaller to reduce fuel waste. It worked. In 1959, the British Motor Corporation officially launched the first Mini. Its transverse engine and front-wheel drive system became a standard for others in years to come. However, it was revolutionary at the time to save the maximum amount of space for passengers and cargo.

MINI Cooper Emergence

The name “Cooper” was originally used for racing and performance models, named for engineer and innovator, John Cooper. In both rally and track versions, the MINI Cooper won several awards in the 1960s. From then until 2000, there have been seven generations, labeled Mark I through Mark VII, each with more and more efficiencies MINI lovers couldn’t live without.

Modern MINI Experience

Following some ownership changes in 2000, BMW relaunched the MINI Cooper with wild success. The current MINI still retains its most beloved features from its 64-year history, but it also built on that success with features like all-wheel drive, more seating and door options than ever, and sophisticated technology including a new electric hardtop version.

Test Drive a MINI Cooper in Orlando, FL

The best way to see the MINI Cooper history come to life in the newest models is to come down to Orlando MINI and test drive a few models. While here, we can answer any questions you have about just how far this fan favorite has come. Visit us today!