At Orlando MINI, we are pleased to welcome you to our MINI dealership. Check out the  MINI car options new model years in our inventory.  The vehicle is the 2014 MINI Cooper S Coupe.  It has curves that can hang with the best of them and an engine that will knock your socks off.  It also has lots of interior creature comforts.  But, perhaps our favorite part about the 2014 MINI Cooper S Coupe is the fact that drivers can customize this vehicle to their specific desires.  In sum, the 2014 MINI Cooper S Coupe is a great vehicle.


The 2014 MINI Cooper S Coupe is powered by a turbocharged, 16-valve, direct injection engine with 181 horsepower and 177 pound per foot of torque. The engineers of this MINI vehicle put it perfectly when they describe driving the 2014 MINI Cooper S Coupe as “famously fun.”


In addition to its powerful and performance driven engine, we also love the 2014 MINI Cooper S Coupe because its exterior can be made to fit your personality.  This is thanks to the fact the vehicle is available in 10 exterior colors, with two different roof and mirror colors also available.  Racing stripes and other expressive accessories are also available with the 2014 MINI Cooper S Coupe.


If a great looking, customizable, performance driven vehicle sounds exactly like what you have been looking for, come see us at Orlando MINI at your earliest convenience.  We will help you take the 2014 MINI Cooper S Coupe for a test drive.  And, if you enjoy your experience, we will help you take this vehicle home with you right away.  At Orlando MINI, we hope to see you soon.