Sometimes, life can be dull.  There is no denying this fact, no matter how hard we try.  One area of our lives that can be consistently dull are our commutes.  Driving the same stretch of roadway over and over again, and perhaps at times being stuck in traffic while doing it, just might earn the top spot on our list of the most dull things in life.


But don’t fret!  At Orlando MINI we are here to kick your commute, and all of your other driving experiences, up a notch.  You can do this with a John Cooper Works MINI vehicle from our MINI car dealership in Orlando.  There is no such thing as a dull drive in a John Cooper Works MINI vehicle, trust us.


Oh but wait, it gets even better.  A John Cooper Works vehicle is not a type of MINI model.  Rather, it is a trim level that can be added to any MINI vehicle your heart desires.  The John Cooper Works MINI trim level was inspired by and built after legendary race car driver John Cooper.  This means a MINI vehicle in the John Cooper Works trim level is fast, performance driven and a blast to drive.


So if you are ready to un-dull your life and kick up your commute every time that you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, get to our MINI dealership in Orlando, Florida and check out the John Cooper Works MINI trim level of your favorite MINI car.