At Orlando MINI, we believe in providing the highest quality parts to keep your MINI vehicle running as efficiently as possible. At our MINI Tire Center, our certified service advisors and technicians can offer the right tires for the most safe and comfortable ride. All of our tires are MINI-recommended tires and approved for use with your specific model MINI.

We will select tires for your car that will provide help bring out the best performance possible. We perform extensive evaluations that will help us to determine which tires are best suited for your car, and what you hope to get out of it. It’s important to understand that by choosing the appropriate tire for a car can influence a variety of factors how it drives in difference weather conditions and the gas mileage you’ll get out of your MINI vehicle.

Our MINI Tire Center offers tire options for a variety of approved sizes in order to meet our customers’ individual preferences. Our tires are competitively-priced and can handle both dry and wet traction, have good tread life, are stable, and have rolling resistance and acoustics, all of which impact your overall fuel economy. All of these considerations as well as speed ratings and load ratings help us to decide which brand and/or tire type will work best for your MINI vehicle.

Allow us to suit your MINI vehicle with new tires today. Call us at 1-877-241-3290 for any questions regarding service or tires. Our professional team is ready and willing to answer any questions you may need answers. You can also visit us at our local Orlando MINI dealership at 350 South Lake Destiny Drive in Orlando, located just one hour from the Tampa metro area.