While Orlando MINI is proud to offer reliable cars to Orlando area drivers, older MINI Clubman vehicles will suffer wear and tear after years of regular driving, which could lead to transmission issues down the road. While the best way to avoid this problem is to get your MINI Clubman regularly serviced, here are some signs of transmission trouble to look out for.

Leaking or Low Transmission Fluid

If all is going well under the hood, your transmission fluid should not be leaking. It’s also important to know the difference between transmission fluid and other vital fluids your car uses. Transmission fluid is a deep reddish color and will leak from beneath the front of your vehicle.

Overheated Engine

Another sign that your transmission is failing is an overheated engine. When your transmission does not work properly, it can lead to excess strain on your engine, causing it and other components of your MINI Clubman to become damaged or even fail completely. If your engine is overheating, take your ride to our MINI service center in Orlando right away.

Gear Shifting Problems

This is one of the major signs of a failing transmission. If your car is revving into high RPMs without shifting gears or staying at low ones, take your MINI Clubman to our service center. Also, if your car seems to be hesitating when you transition into another gear, this could also be a warning sign.

Intense Shuttering

Your transmission plays a huge role in the driving comfort of your car, especially when accelerating or slowing down. If you notice a shaking when your vehicle accelerates, it could be a transmission issue.

If you notice any of these warning signs, take your MINI Clubman to our service center today. We’ll get you back on track in no time.