We talked before about the 2013 MINI John Cooper Works GP. Let’s take a deeper dive and look at how this fantastic vehicle performs on the road. In Oviedo, MINI Cooper drivers have been big fans of the JWC GP ever since it first debuted, and for good reason!

The JCW GP takes the JCW Hardtop hatch and adds on a performance and styling package, which makes this model truly a standout vehicle. The engine is tweaked slightly which gives it a little more power and better cooling. The suspension on this car is not only tuned to perfection, but it’s also fully adjustable. Drivers can really make sure their MINI handles exactly the way they want.

And it certainly does handle well. This model is about 60 pounds lighter than a standard JCW Hardtop. So, it’s light, but still feels substantial and sturdy. This suspension on this MINI is also different than the regular MINI Sport Suspension that most MINI drivers have come to know. However, change can be a good thing in the case of the JCW GP. This car gives drivers a brilliant driving experience.

At Orlando MINI, one of the most important aspects MINI fans love about their vehicles is their customizability. When you buy a MINI, it feels distinctly yours. The automaker has a car for everyone, and the JCW GP is yet another vehicle that gives fans exactly what they were looking for in a performance MINI model.