The MINI Cooper might be small, but it’s certainly safe. MINI has packed a ton of safety features into its vehicles, including the MINI Cooper. Let’s take a look at how this automaker is keeping its drivers protected on the road.

The MINI Cooper has Active Safety Features that keep you from having an accident. For starters, Dynamic Stability Control has been proven to cut down on accidents. If the system’s sensors detect that your vehicle is straying, Dynamic Stability Control will step in and apply corrective brake pressure to individual wheels and adjust engine torque. This helps drivers stay in control in situations where traction is limited.

Nothing can interrupt your drive like a flat tire. A flat can also place you in a dangerous situation as you try to change a tire on the side of a busy highway road. Thanks to Runflat tires on MINI vehicles, you’ll be able to keep driving, even in the event of a flat. The tires have reinforced sidewalls and heat resistant rubber to help them keep their shape. That means you can drive 80 miles at 50 miles per hour even after getting a flat! In Winter Park, MINI certified used car drivers find this feature invaluable.

Speaking of tires, it’s important to keep them in top shape. After all, they’re what keeps your vehicle on the road. That’s why the Tire Pressure Monitor from MINI is such a great feature. Even better, it’s now standard on all MINI vehicles. The monitor will alert you the moment tire pressure drops below a safe level in any of your car’s 4 wheels.

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