When you’re first deciding to purchasing a new car, you want to make sure that you find the right vehicle for your particular needs. You may need headroom or legs or a powerful engine with a sleek vehicle design or maybe you have a large family and need cargo space. Ultimately even if a Mini Cooper vehicle meets your needs, but doesn’t feel right when you drive it then that’s not going to yield a happy result. Ultimately after you spend thousands of dollars on a vehicle, we at Orlando Mini want to make sure you’re happy with your purchase. 

This is what makes a test drive an important part of the car-buying process. Our professional staff at Orlando Mini understands how important a test drive really is and we have made it simple for you to schedule a test drive of any MINI vehicle on our Orlando MINI dealership lot.  On our website, you can find an easy-to-use form to schedule a test drive for any MINI of your choosing. Just answer some basic questions about the car you want to test drive, the date and time you want to come in and your contact information, and we will contact you regarding your appointment. It really is that easy.

Fill out the form and come to our Orlando dealership to drive some of our most popular MINI models. For more information about our offerings or about financing, contact our sales staff at 877-241-3290 or visit our Orlando MINI dealership at 350 S. Lake Destiny Road in Orlando.