MINI fans will be excited to learn that the new 2016 MINI convertible is now available at our MINI dealership. This means you will have access to the fun and excitement that the MINI has to offer you while enjoying this season’s weather. With the new 2016 MINI convertible, you can enjoy the thrill of the ride while also enjoying substantial savings on fuel. It is a great way to get around town or enjoy the open country in style. Available in a wide range of colors, you can find the one that fits your character and lifestyle the best. 

The new 2016 MINI convertible comes with a 3-in-1 roof, offering open or closed options as well as the sunroof style panoramic view. This is perfect for different weather conditions and you will be able to experience the great outdoors while enjoying your new 2016 MINI convertible. The new TwinPower Turbo engine ensures a smooth ride and exceptional handling so you can relax in style and comfort. Three driving modes provide you with the best way to get where you are going while saving on fuel consumption. With Sport, Green, and Mid settings, you can select what is best for your situation at the time. Tech specs depend on which model you choose, as convertible versions of the MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper S, and John Cooper Works are available.

Technology doesn’t take a back seat in the 2016 MINI convertible. You’ll find the new dashboard offers a high resolution look with capability for popular apps such as Pandora and Spotify as well as the GoPro hardware to keep it all running. The vehicle comes with a great trip planner Journey Mate to get the very best results during your drive. You can keep track of your trip, the weather, gas mileage, and much more all in one location. Don’t underestimate the performance of this small car that features a beautiful interior, offers excellent economic savings and a wide range of standout features. Drop by Orlando MINI for more information about the new MINI convertible or any of the other vehicles currently at our dealership.