The skilled technicians at Orlando MINI are here to help with any MINI service tasks you might need. However, sometimes things happen, and getting to the dealership isn’t always possible. This is when it is important to know what repairs can be DIY — such as changing a flat tire. Don’t get stranded on the side of the road! Here is our step-by-step guide on how to change a flat tire.

Swapping Out a Flat Tire

First, try to get your car to a safe space on the road’s shoulder, constantly keeping an eye on traffic. You’ll want to locate your vehicle’s spare tire and tire-changing parts when swapping out a flat tire. These are usually located in the back of your car. MINI models typically have a spare tire, which can make changing a flat tire even easier.

Next, loosen the lug nuts on your flat tire, place your jack underneath a solid part of your car’s frame, and crank the jack until your car’s flat tire is off the ground. After that, you will remove the lug nuts and replace your flat tire with the spare. Be sure that the spare tire lines up correctly and tighten the lug nuts by hand.

Once that is finished, lower your car by cranking the jack in the opposite direction. Tighten the lug nuts once more, remove the jack, and schedule a tire service appointment at our MINI dealership in Orlando, FL.

MINI Run-Flat Tires

With MINI run-flat tires, you may not even need to change the tire. Run-flat tires are designed to let you continue driving for a short period on your damaged tire. If your MINI is equipped with these, you’re good to head immediately to Orlando MINI to swap out your tire for a new one.

Schedule MINI Tire Service in Orlando, FL

Changing a tire yourself is easy, but don’t forget to stop by Orlando MINI for new road-ready tires. Stop by today to chat with our knowledgeable staff and get your tires checked before they get damaged or lose air.