The MINI Cooper has been turning heads and throbbing hearts for decades.  This vehicle started as an icon thanks in large part to its unique and aesthetically pleasing exterior shape.  Of course, after decades of success with this shape, a MINI Cooper would not be a MINI Cooper without maintaining the original look of this magical vehicle.


But, this in no way means that the MINI Cooper has not evolved over the years and continues to do so today.  Below we tell you how the 2014 MINI Cooper offers Orlando drivers everything they have always loved about the MINI Cooper, plus modern features that drivers will quickly wonder how they ever lived without them.


The new 2014 MINI Cooper is being tagged as “the new original.”  Most notably, the engine housed in the 2014 MINI Cooper now comes standard with twin power turbo technology.  This engine provides a spirited driving performance for drivers in Orlando in the 2014 MINI Cooper.  This engine is paired with a handling system that is synonymous with the MINI namesake.  The result is a “feistier-than-ever package,” claim the engineers of the MINI Cooper themselves.  Finally, the cockpit of the 2014 MINI Cooper has been updated to provide for a move commanding view of the road, as well as better control of the vehicle.  In short, if the 2014 MINI Cooper cannot make you feel like a racecar driver, no vehicle will.


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