The innovative approach to driving will allow wearers to see digital content on top of the physical world. Each of the eyepieces will have a tiny HD projector with a motion sensor. The glasses themselves will know where you’re looking so that it can display information that appears to the world around you. 

Built by cellphone chipmaker Qualcomm and Osterhaut Design Group, these glasses are a prototype and could be available in the next few years. A special MINI Cooper vehicle is being developed with some of the same experimental features. These glasses offer x-ray vision with cameras streaming video to the eyepieces allowing drivers to see hazards they might otherwise miss.

While the California Highway Patrol is criticizing similar products such as Google Glass, engineers claim these glasses are actually meant to help reduce distractions. BMW says these glasses were designed to keep drivers’ eyes on the road and to increase overall safety.

The glasses themselves will show drivers one turn at a time and can even show them where to park. The glasses can measure any parking space that is approximately one foot longer than the MINI itself and gives the driver a signal that they can park there. While these glasses are convenient, they aren’t small like their MINI Cooper vehicles. Engineers are still coming up with ways to keep their cost down and their size smaller.

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