With the popularity of plug-in electric hybrids and EVs doing well in the marketplace, MINI Cooper plans to join the competition. The brand has plans to introduce the Mini-E by 2019. The vehicle is in the planning and development stages, however MINI is committed toward creating a more modern and better electric vehicle than what is currently available on the market.

There is a great chance that this MINI electric vehicle will feature a single-pedal speed control, an improved braking system as well as dual motors, just to name a few features. It will look like a modern MINI Cooper vehicle but will stand out from other electric vehicles on the market. The dual motor system has long been sold in Europe, but never has been available stateside. Based on the success that other brands have had selling diesel vehicles in the United States, it’s likely MINI Cooper will join the group with introducing a similar vehicle in the future.

The professional sales team at Orlando MINI fully understands that our loyal MINI Cooper customers want to save the most they can on gas even with prices lower than they were last summer. It’s good to know that MINI Cooper dealers have their customers in mind in terms of a modern electric vehicle similar to that of the Mini-E. While it will be a long time to wait, we are optimistic about its success and that it will live up to the expectations upheld by MINI vehicle owners everywhere.

In the meantime, be sure to stop by our dealership to learn the latest industry news. We’ll also be happy to show you around our current inventory of new and used MINI vehicles.