Did you know that you can have your own, completely customized, built-for-you-and-you-only, vehicle at an extremely affordable price?  If you thought a customized vehicle was reserved for solely the rich and famous, think again.  With MINI Cooper, drivers can choose from multiple accessory and design choices.  In all, MINI Cooper offers over 10 million possible combinations.  If a customized vehicle is in your dreams, make it a reality with a MINI Cooper vehicle from Orlando MINI.

The most obvious way MINI allows drivers to customize their vehicles in through exterior paint colors.  Drivers can choose from nearly every color in the rainbow for the body of their MINI Cooper, opt for a different color for the roof, and still add stripes and checkers in any location.  Drivers can even put the British flag on the roof of their MINI Cooper.

Chrome accessories, such as mirrors, are another great way to customize your MINI Cooper.  Finally, the interior of the MINI Cooper is also available in tons of different colors, materials, and designs.  Truly, the sky is the limit when it comes to accessorizing your MINI Cooper.

If you would like to learn more about all the accessories available for your MINI car, come see us at our Orlando MINI dealership, Orlando MINI.  You can bring us the MINI car that you currently own, or you can purchase a new MINI vehicle from our Orlando MINI dealership and our Service Center can accessorize it before you drive it off of our dealer lot.  Why be stuck with a bland car when you can have a spiced up MINI Cooper that represents your personality?  Come see us at Orlando MINI to get started today.