At Orlando MINI, we pride ourselves on having in stock a wide variety of models so we can cater to any type of customer. We are always proud about having a large selection of MINI vehicles. We figured that more cars meant more sales and happier customers. However, MINI management board member Peter Schwarzenbauer recently said in an Automotive News interview that he thinks the idea to cut back to just five models is better for consumers.

“It is important that the models are clearly defined and our customers know what each model stands for,” Schwarzenbauer said. “A wide range of different variants doesn’t make sense. We will concentrate on five core models…. By concentrating on a smaller range, we can be more focused. I’m quite convinced of this. Now we will prove that this strategy works.”

Ultimately, when someone has too many options, he or she might not fully understand all of them and will end up going elsewhere. When someone has so many great options in the Clubman, Convertible, Countryman or the Hardtop 2 Door or 4 Door, for example, they might have trouble determining which vehicle they want or need most.

“Overall, the auto industry is tending to occupy more and more niches to generate greater volume,” Schwarzenbauer said. “MINI is a brand that will prove the opposite can also be effective.”

Here at Orlando MINI, we agree with him and are excited to bring this new MINI strategy to our loyal customers in Orlando. Come check out the Paceman and Roadster before they are discontinued. If you’ve dreamed of owning one of these two MINI vehicles, contact our sales team today. We are ready and willing to get you into the car of your dreams and helping you find easy financing options.