There is no question that millennials are consumers whose tastes are unique when compared to those of the generations that preceded them. The MINI brand, according to Bloomberg, ranks among the top 10 in terms of auto brands from which millennial customers lease their vehicles, and the financial news outlet adds that millennials tend to lease from other high-end brands as well. There’s a whole lot about the MINI brand that makes sense for younger drivers, so it’s hardly a surprise that the MINI vehicle lineup is so successful among members of this consumer group.

Members of the millennial consumer group tend to get bored with the same vehicle for a long period. These individuals also tend to change their careers and swap out material possessions such as cell phones faster than people in the generations before them ever did.

Leasing works great for millennials, too, because it allows them to drive upscale cars at an affordable rate. At our Orlando MINI dealership, our new MINI vehicle inventory doesn’t stay new forever. But leasing instead of buying allows these customers to drive the latest MINI model as soon as it becomes available to the general public.

At Orlando MINI, we are always ready and willing to answer any and all of your leasing questions. We have found that this is a great option for many of our younger customers. The sales team at our Orlando MINI dealership in Florida can work with you to get you in the car of your dreams. We hope that can serve you soon. Visit our location at 350 S. Lake Destiny Road in Orlando today! Or feel free to call us with questions at (877) 241-3290.