Royal Weddings are a big deal in England, but also in America too. There’s something so intriguing to watch a real life prince and princesses get married with all the trappings of royalty and extravagance one could even image. For Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s big day, the MINI brand even made a special one-of-a-kind car to celebrate. While you won’t find this on our new car lot at Orlando MINI, you could win the car with a highest bid if at an auction soon.

It should be no surprise that MINI brand designed a special edition car following the latest royal wedding. They are a huge part of British culture, and don’t want you to forget it. While this new model has all the technology and safety features of a modern MINI car, it looks like a throwback more than ever. And to up its British characteristics, it even has Union Jack taillights, a not-so-subtle ode to its heritage.

The royal wedding car has a specially designed roof with custom graphics, 3D printed interior and exterior details, and special embroidery inside. It features custom paintwork with Crystal White and Silver-blue accents, along with blue-black tinted chrome elements on the grille, door handles, and light bezels. To add to the flair, the words “Just Married” project onto the ground when the front doors are opened.

This charitable creation by the MINI brand was sent to CHIVA, an organization that supports children and young people who live with HIV in the UK and Ireland, for public auction after the royal wedding was over. They have yet to list details on their site on the date and venue of the auction.

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