If you’ve struggled to decide whether you’re better off buying or leasing a MINI car, you’re not alone. While some drivers immediately know which option is best for them, others aren’t so sure. The team at Orlando MINI is here to offer you guidance and suggestions along with the latest savings and specials to help make the decision simpler. 

One of the biggest advantages of leasing a car is that you typically make lower monthly payments. You can also return the vehicle to the dealership at the end of the lease term, making it an especially practical option for drivers who prefer a new ride every few years. Leasing is also a good option if you only have a small amount of money to put towards a down payment. However, when you lease a car the number of miles you can drive per year is often restricted. You also can’t use the car’s value towards your next purchase as you don’t actually own the lease.

Buying a car is an appropriate choice if you’re the type to hold onto a car for a long time. Once you’ve paid off the car, it belongs to you entirely and you’re free to trade it in or sell it for another vehicle whenever you’d like. There’s no mileage restriction on a car that you own, although it’s important to keep in mind that the car will lose its value throughout the duration of your ownership. Our Orlando, FL MINI dealership has the 2016 and 2017 MINI Cooper Clubman , MINI Cooper Convertible, and other MINI models.

Our new car inventory includes the 2017 MINI Cooper Clubman, 2017 MINI Cooper Hardtop, 2017 MINI Cooper Convertible. Call or visit your trusted MINI Cooper dealer serving The Villages, FL for more information on leasing and purchasing your next MINI.