Forget your preconceived notions about the MINI and its limited cargo space. The automaker is pleased to announce the MINI Coupé, a more spacious two-seater, which forgoes the car’s traditional rear seats in favor of an expanded trunk!

In West Palm, certified BMW X5 fans realize this is a game changer. It provides a fresh entry into the super-compact sports category. Not only does it maintain the automaker’s premium level of design, quality and customization, the MINI Coupé gives drivers even more flexibility. Now, those random road trips just got a little more comfortable.

No other MINI before has offered so much cargo space, ask any dealer that’s certified. Used MINI Lakeland drivers are excited to see the automaker mixing it up and providing a MINI experience to accommodate any type of driver. The spacious rear now has a capacity of 280 liters and offers enough space to house an impressive number of luggage items.

The expanded cargo space isn’t the only thing new with the MINI Coupé. This sporty model also has a roof spoiler and an active rear spoiler that optimizes airflow at higher speeds. Not only that, the MINI Coupé can be ordered with the most powerful petrol and diesel engines in the automaker’s lineup!

It’s truly a new era for the MINI brand and hopefully drivers looking for that extra cargo space have finally found the MINI for them.