After being unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show last year, the MINI Clubvan was hailed as yet another example of MINI offering new vehicles that meet the needs of its customers. It feels like it’s been a long time coming, but the MINI Clubvan will finally go on sale soon!

The MINI Clubvan is a very versatile vehicle, and it’s sure to appeal to many small-business owners out there looking for an eye-catching, yet practical vehicle to handle their operation on the go. The Clubvan certainly fits the bill.

It has a couple design differences from the MINI Clubman. Specifically, the Clubvan features steel side panels instead of vinyl coverings over the rear windows. Also, it has a fully flat load floor and a safety cage protecting the front seat occupants. So, in Orlando, certified MINI owners could use the Clubvan to haul almost anything.

The Clubvan has a payload capacity of 1,102 pounds and can hold about 30.37 cubic feet of cargo in its trunk. Even more helpful is the fact that the cargo area features six attachment loops and sports 12-volt sockets.

What will you use the Clubvan for? With plenty of cargo space and the ability to haul it around town, it’s sure to be a popular MINI model. To see what other models MINI currently has for sale, head to Orlando MINI. Take a look around the showroom and test drive a MINI to see just what has made these vehicles so popular.