In Lakeland, used MINI owners understand that when you see a great concept at an auto show, it’s tough to tell whether or not it’ll actually be realized. In the case with the MINI Clubvan, the Clubman-based concept car the automaker unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show, customers will be happy to know this concept is being realized.

As of now, the Clubvan is scheduled to go on sale sometime in the 2nd half of 2012. So it’s nearer than you think. There’s been no word on pricing yet, but except MINI to keep it competitive. This vehicle is targeting the small businesses out there. If the price is right, expect lots of shop owners to add the MINI Clubvan to their operations.

Its elongated size and gated trunk is perfect for everyone from a florist to a mechanic. Not to mention the advertising opportunity on the longer side makes this vehicle good for business on every front. Brands’ logos can stretch from one end to the other. If the Clubvan is customizable like other MINI vehicles, business will be able to further promote their brand’s signature colors.

At Orlando MINI, we’re glad to see MINI decided to turn the Clubvan from a concept to reality. It fits a growing demand in the MINI lineup.