Did you just recently purchase a pre-owned MINI car in Orlando, FL, or do you plan on purchasing one soon? With fall finally here, now is the time to begin caring for your vehicle so it’s in optimal condition before winter arrives. Today, we’re showing you how to maintain your vehicle for fall. 

Check the Battery 

Dead batteries peak during the winter, which is why fall is the perfect time to check your battery to ensure it has ample juice. A technician at our dealership can inspect your battery and give it a charge if the power is low. At home, you can check the terminals and brush away any corrosion buildup. 

Check the Tires 

Fall leaves can obscure potholes on the road, and underinflated tires are more susceptible to damage if they drive over potholes and dips. It’s a good idea to inspect your tires once per month and monitor the following: 

  • Psi (should be within five psi of the recommended psi) 
  • Tread wear (use the penny test for guidance)
  • Cracks in the sidewall 

Clean the Headlights 

With fall comes fewer daylight hours, so be sure your headlights have maximum visibility. Headlights can dim considerably due to the light covers becoming cloudy. Replace your covers or use a headlight restoration kit if they appear hazy. 

Wash and Wax  

Autumn air contains airborne pollen and debris that can stain your car frame and erode the paint. Prevent cosmetic damage by washing your car and giving it a coat of wax that serves as a protective barrier. The wax safeguards the paint from elements like rain, UV rays, insect droppings, etc. 

Be sure to give your car the care it needs now that fall is here. Our maintenance department services all MINI models, including the MINI Clubman, so visit us soon!