Here at Orlando MINI, we do far more than sell a great lineup of MINI vehicles. We also answer all of the questions that our customers bring to the table.   

One of the main questions we hear is whether or not you can finance a pre-owned MINI. The answer is that you can absolutely finance a pre-owned vehicle just like you would a brand new one. Here are some tips for financing your pre-owned MINI Clubman.  

Know Your Credit Score  

This number, which ranges from 300 to 850, plays an important role in determining the interest rate you’ll be paying on your pre-owned MINI car. A higher score means a lower interest rate. However, if you have a less-than-perfect credit score, don’t fret! Our financial experts will work closely with you to find the ideal plan for your lifestyle and budget.  

Know the Car’s Value  

You can easily go online and check EdmundsKelley Blue Book, or the National Automobile Dealers Association to get the value of the MINI Clubman you are interested in purchasing. When you finally find the perfect pre-owned car, don’t forget to get a detailed vehicle history report so you know exactly what you’re getting.  

Know How Much You Can Afford  

Our Orlando area MINI finance center will work closely with you to help you understand how much you will be paying every month. Of course, your best guide will be your own knowledge of your current financial situation and spending habits.  

If you want to finance a pre-owned MINI Clubman, stop by our Orlando area MINI dealership today to check out our large inventory of reliable cars!