Regardless of what type of car you drive, whether it be a MINI Cooper or a MINI Countryman, at one point or another, you’ve probably come across a warning light in your dashboard. Here at our Orlando MINI dealership, we would like to explain what a few of them mean. If a warning light is on in your vehicle, we recommend you schedule an appointment in our service center to ensure your ride is performing at its peak.

Power Steering Failure

Represented as a steering wheel with an exclamation mark, the power steering failure light illuminates when there is an issue with the wheel. Although still drivable when it first comes on, we suggest you contact your local MINI dealership in Orlando for a checkup in a timely manner.

Engine Warning

When there’s a problem with your powertrain, an outline of an engine will appear in your dash. There could be several reasons for this warning, such as needing an oil change or if there’s a malfunction, but it’s always best to consult a professional.

Brake Issue

Something you never want to take lightly are your brakes, and this warning light is represented through an exclamation mark that is encompassed by a circle and two lines on the side. With this illuminated, your brake fluid could simply be too low, your brake pads could be too worn, or there could be another issue.

To determine exactly what the problem may be when a light comes on, we always encourage you to come into our MINI service center in Orlando. Our technicians are always happy to assist and address any questions. We are conveniently located at 350 South Lake Destiny Road in Orlando, FL.