A trade-in is a great way to part with your vehicle when purchasing or leasing a new car. However, does the process also work when buying a pre-owned vehicle? In other words, can you trade in your car and apply its value towards the purchase of a pre-owned MINI Countryman in Orlando, FL

Pre-Owned Trade-Ins

You can absolutely trade in your existing car for a pre-owned MINI Countryman as well as any other pre-owned model at our dealership. This goes for both Certified Pre-Owned cars and regular pre-owned vehicles alike. Whatever your car’s value, it will be subtracted from the price of the pre-owned MINI car you’re interested in buying. 

How the Trade-In Process Works 

Before visiting our dealership, use our online trade-in calculator to acquire a quick estimate of your vehicle. Just enter basic information like your car model, trim, and year.

Keep in mind that this estimate is just an approximation. For the final valuation, you will need to make an appointment at our dealership. An inspector will examine your vehicle and provide a price point based on the condition.  

Be sure to bring all necessary documents and items with you, such as: 

  • Spare keys 
  • Car title 
  • Vehicle registration  
  • Payoff letter if the title has a secured party 
  • Receipts of repairs and maintenance 

Before Trading In 

To get the most value out of your vehicle trade-in, we recommend getting your car serviced and addressing any existing issues. If repairs are needed, aim for OEM parts. A car detail to fix exterior and interior cosmetic issues helps as well. 

Visit Orlando MINI to learn more about our trade-in process. If our inventory includes a pre-owned MINI Countryman, speak to one of our dealers regarding a trade-in for the vehicle.