It’s truly amazing how quickly time flies, especially when considering that March 22, 2012 marked 10 years of MINI in the USA. That’s ten years of amazing vehicles and plenty of memorable advertising stunts promoting the MINI Cooper. Used Winter Park MINI drivers reflected this week not only on the past, but also the future.

When MINI first started selling its tiny, luxurious cars in the US, it created a market segment all its own. Before MINI arrived, US drivers weren’t able to get a small, smart, and luxurious vehicle all in one complete package. Then MINI came and changed the US auto market entirely. It also added a style and personalization component to buying a car that no automaker has surpassed even to this day.

MINI gaining a foothold in the US market is even more impressive when you consider how popular SUVs and larger vehicles were back in 2002. Gas was cheap, and Americans weren’t worried about fuel economy. MINI was certainly ahead of its time, a fact buyers recognized. It’s that foresight that made them the household name they are today.

At Orlando MINI, we find it hard to remember a time before MINI entered the market. That’s the kind of lasting impact the automaker has had on the US auto industry. We see its legacy only growing bigger in the years to come!