MINI has always ensured that its cars embodied the definition of luxury and gave drivers a large amount of personalization options for their vehicle. Well, now the automaker is looking to further push the boundaries of its vehicles’ performance. Drivers of used MINIs, Winter Park motorists, and MINI fans everywhere will remember last month the news broke that MINI would be releasing a new GP.

These fans will also be happy to know that this new GP is going to be the fastest MINI yet! That’s right, the new GP will be 20 seconds faster than the first GP when clocked around the famous Nurburgring racing track. For anyone who has seen this racing track, 20 seconds is quite the length of time. So, how is such a speed boost possible?

Although it’s still unknown, a combination of additional torque and a lighter frame will likely be the reasons for the added speed. The R56 JCW model from MINI completed a lap in 8:35. Maybe the new GP will complete a circuit in 8:20!

At Orlando MINI, we can’t wait until MINI United in May, which is when the new GP model from MINI will officially be unveiled.