This summer, almost no matter what state you live in, you’ll get the change to partake in MINI’s big rally, MINI Takes the States. From July 4 to 15, the automaker will be driving across the U.S. in the only official MINI road rally.

This is big news for drivers everywhere, especially Orlando. MINI repairs better be handled right away if you’re going to keep up with the adventure. Fans will be able to test their skills on MINI driving courses in Philadelphia, Nashville, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

As MINI heads west, it’ll be making plenty of other stops along the way besides those larger cities. In fact, the news of all the destinations just broke on MINI’s Facebook page. For those living in Charlotte, Louisville, Des Moines, Lincoln, Denver, and Phoenix among others, you’ll get the opportunity to join in on the festivities.

At Orlando MINI, we’re glad to see MINI is organizing this road rally again. It allows the automaker to interact with and meet its biggest fans. Also, because it’s a road trip, MINI fans from across the country will be able to join in on the fun.

What are you most exited about for MINI Takes the States?