For many MINI owners, they want their unique compact car to stand out even further from the crowd, and to be a true embodiment of their personal style. One way to customize your new MINI is to detail it. Here is a beginner’s guide to MINI detailing from Orlando MINI.

What Is Car Detailing?

Simply put, car detailing means a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning of your entire vehicle utilizing specialized tools and products. Detailing aims to restore the paintwork of your MINI by getting rid of scratches and swirl marks to make it shine like it did when you first saw it at the dealership.

What Steps Are in MINI Detailing?

When you get your car detailed, the process will consist of two main phases: exterior detailing and interior detailing. Exterior detailing begins with an exhaustive exterior wash to rid your MINI of dirt and grime. This is followed by a thorough cleaning of your wheels and rims using specialized cleaning products. If necessary, the paint is then polished to remove any light scratches. In your car, all upholstery will be vacuumed and shampooed. The interior glass will also be cleaned and polished.

Benefits of Car Detailing

There are numerous benefits that come with getting your MINI detailed. You will preserve your paint condition, restore interior comfort, and preserve the value of your vehicle. If you want to make your MINI Countryman or MINI Clubman really shine, a great detailing job is in order to get it looking spiffy.

For MINI owners who want to protect their investment, consider detailing your car. Not only will it make your ride cleaner, but it will also enhance its beauty and preserve its value. Contact our MINI dealers serving Orlando, FL today to learn more!