You can find out how much your trade-in is worth by contacting Orlando MINI. Our Orlando, FL dealership accepts all makes and models for trade-ins, and after you trade in your car with us, our expert sales team can help you find your next new car. Read on to learn more about how you save with a trade-in.  

Lower Starting Price 

A trade-in can save you tons of money on the starting price of a new vehicle. Buying a new car can be expensive, whether it’s a luxury vehicle or not. However, when you bring a valuable trade-in with you, buying becomes far less costly.

Once we consider all the specifications and features that come with your trade-in, we’ll be able to give you a fair trade-in offer.  

Cheaper Sales Tax 

The sales tax on a new car is an expense that many drivers aren’t even aware of until they go to purchase their first new model. These taxes can add up quickly and usually aren’t included in the sticker price of a new MINI vehicle.

However, when you trade in your car with us, you won’t have to pay nearly as much in sales tax. In fact, we’ll subtract our trade-in offer from the starting price of your purchase with us. Your remaining balance will be the number we will use to calculate the sales tax you owe, rather than the original starting price.  

Borrow Less Money 

At Orlando MINI, we offer drivers a variety of different MINI financing options to choose from. By choosing to trade in at our Orlando, FL car dealership, you’ll be able to save on financing as well. You may end up not having to borrow any money at all.

If you do need to take out a loan, you’ll be able to get a lower interest rate and have lower monthly car payments with the help of our financing experts. Visit Orlando MINI to trade in your car today!