If you’re looking for MINI auto parts and quality service, look no further than our dealership at Orlando MINI. We’re pleased to provide area drivers with an extensive selection of genuine OEM parts. We understand it can be challenging to determine which parts you should upgrade or replace, so let’s look at a few common MINI Auto Parts to replace or upgrade.


1.    Clutch

If your engine revs higher than normal after acceleration, or you feel vibrations when shifting gears, it could be time to replace your clutch. Replacing this part will ensure your MINI maintains strong acceleration and is crucial to a healthy transmission. Although clutch failure results from normal wear and tear, taking your MINI to a service center will ensure the problem does not cause any other issues.

2.    Power Steering Pump

Driving your MINI without power steering requires significant force for turns, which could result in hazardous driving conditions. If you find it difficult to turn your steering wheel or notice fluid leaks under your MINI, there may be an issue with the Power Steering Pump. Regular service will help identify potential problems before they arise and could prevent hazardous conditions for others on the road.

3.    Variable Valve Timing Components

Problems with variable valve timing can drastically affect the fuel economy of your car. The check engine light will typically come on when the system fails, but a fuel efficiency decrease could also be an indicator. In addition, delaying service could cause build-up that can spur other problems, so a replacement or upgrade or replacement may be necessary to maintain the health of your MINI vehicle.

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